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Environmental fate and transport investigations:
Petroleum, chemical and radiological releases

Principal Investigator
Marco Kaltofen, PhD, PE (Civil, MA), C. NSE
2 Summer Street - Suite 14, Natick, MA 01760
(508) 314-9334 | mpkaltofen@gmail.com

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Environmental Fate and Transport Investigations:
Design, budgeting, project management and execution of scientific inquiries.

Analytical Instrumentation Operation Experience:

  • Gas chromatography with electron capture detection - GC/ECD
  • Gamma spectrometry via NaI, GeLi, and CdTe systems
  • Gas chromatography with mass spectral detection - GC/MS
  • Direct injection mass spectroscopy - MS
  • Gas chromatography with flame ionization detection - GC/FID
  • Atomic Absorption with flame and graphite furnace excitation - AAS and GFAAS
  • Inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy - ICP
  • Infrared spectroscopy - IR
  • Direct current plasma emission spectroscopy - DCPES
  • Scanning electron microscopy / Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy - SEM/EDX
  • Mercury cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy - CVAAS

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